SOBRsure Set-Up

What should I do when I receive my SOBRsure™?

  • STEP 1:  Connect the device to the app and place it on the charger for 12 hours to allow the sensor to acclimate to the environment.  
  • STEP 2:  Wear SOBRsure on your wrist while connected to app for 8 hours – this allows the device to calibrate to your physiology.  
  • STEP 3:  The device will calibrate automatically at 5 AM MT the day after 8 hours of cumulative wear time. Check out this video for more information.  

Is the SOBRsure app available on iPhone and Android?

Yes, SOBRsure is available on both the Apple and Google Play stores.

What are the most important settings on my phone?

Ensure your phone settings are set to “Always” for the following:

Allow SOBRsure to send notifications= Always

Allow SOBRsure to access device location= Always

Allow SOBRsure to be accessible via Bluetooth= Always

Can I turn location settings off? 

No, location settings must be turned on for the app to work properly.  

Where can I find my SOBRsure Device ID?

The SOBRsure Device ID is displayed on the outside of the box and on the underside of the SOBRsure device’s body. 

  • SOBRsure Device ID’s are formatted ‘sobrxxxx’. 
  • Refer to this video for more information (1:21) 

SOBRsure App

How can I tell if alcohol has been detected?

The “SOBER” circle in the app will turn red when alcohol is detected. Additionally, a notification is sent to the account administrator.

Why am I not receiving notifications from the SOBRsure app?

  • Ensure that your SOBRsure device is turned on and connected to the app via Bluetooth. 
  • Ensure that the SOBRsure app is open and updated to the most current version. 
  • Ensure push notifications are allowed for SOBRsure app in phone settings.  
  • Ensure your phone has a WiFi or Cellular connection available. 

Why did SOBRsure not detect alcohol after drinking?

It can take between 20 minutes and an hour for the body to emit alcohol through the pores. 

Why did my SOBRsure detect alcohol if I didn’t drink? 

Certain environmental factors such as hand sanitizers may cause a false reading. If this occurs, move to a ventilated area and the sensor will recalibrate. False positives should not last for more than 20 minutes after removing environmental factors.

Why did my SOBRsure detect that I am not wearing the device, even though I am? 

Please ensure the device is secure against your skin. 

If this occurs during the calibration period, continue wearing the device for the duration of the calibration period and the issue should resolve. If not, reach out to  

Can another user wear my SOBRsure? 

SOBRsure is designed to be worn by one user, but the device can be re-assigned to another user if necessary. Please follow the calibration process to re-calibrate the device. Refer to page 6 of the online user guide for more information.


What should I do if I never received my SOBRsure package?

What should I do if my SOBRsure package is missing items or is damaged?


How does SOBRsure connect to the app?

The SOBRsure device connects to the app via Bluetooth. Data streams from the phone to the cloud if the phone is on a functioning cellular or Wi-Fi network. 

What is the Bluetooth range?

SOBRsure’s Bluetooth range is 15-20 ft.

What happens if the user’s cell phone loses service?

The SOBRsure wearable continues to monitor and store data until connectivity is restored.

How much data can SOBRsure store if it is offline?

Up to seven days of data.

What happens if my SOBRsure disconnects?

Open the SOBRsure app and follow the re-connect prompt. If you do not receive a prompt, or the device won’t reconnect, hard close and re-open the app to reconnect.

Product Hardware

How does SOBRsure detect alcohol?

When alcohol is consumed, the body engages various metabolic processes to metabolize it and circulate it through the bloodstream. Among these processes, the body releases alcohol as gas through the pores. SOBRsure utilizes this gas emission to accurately detect the presence of alcohol in an individual's system.

How often does SOBRsure test for alcohol?

SOBRsure tests for alcohol every 15 seconds.  This is logged in the device memory, transferred to the application and sent to the cloud for delivery to the administrator’s mobile device every 15 minutes. 

Is there any way to trigger a false positive result?

Hand sanitizers, perfume and other alcohol-based products may trigger a false-positive on SOBRsure. SOBRsafe recommends that the user avoid alcohol-based products while wearing SOBRsure.  

Additionally, being in environments with high ambient alcohol content such as a bar could trigger a false positive.  

Admins will receive a notification that the user is sober if an alcohol event clears within 15 minutes.  

What is SOBRsure’s battery life?

The SOBRsure battery will last up to three (3) days.

How long does SOBRsure take to fully charge?

45 minutes to an hour.

What should I do if the strap of my SOBRsure device breaks?

New straps will be available for purchase at soon. In the meantime, please contact

Is SOBRsure water resistant?

SOBRsure is water resistant but not waterproof. It cannot be submerged in water.

How do I clean SOBRsure?

Use a lightly damp microfiber cloth with water.

Can I disinfect SOBRsure?

Yes, but avoid using alcohol-based cleaning solutions.